Wynne’s Baseless Accusations

[ 0 ] April 16, 2015 |

who the heck voted for this woman?Funny isn’t it?

Wynne is showing her true colors at lightning speed.

Anyone who opposes Ms. Wynne, HAS to be a homophobe.

They HAVE to be working for the Progressive Conservatives somehow.

They HAVE to be uninformed, under-educated neanderthals.

Anyone who doesn’t hold Ms. Wynne’s point of view is a mean spirited homophobic conservative redneck.

This should make for an interesting 3 more years.

I predict beyond her claim to fame of bankrupting this province, she will go down in history as the premier who will manage to accuse practically every group (except for her very narrow circle of friends) as homophobes and any other nasty name she can come up with.

Be forewarned, if you are against carbon taxes, pension taxes, incompetent government, high hydro rates, overspending, over reaching government or just about anything else that could plague this government, you will be labeled a homophobic, conservative redneck.

Sad.  Truly a very sad state of affairs in Ontario.


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