Wynne Takes Her Sweet Time Meeting With OPP

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wynne has opp meeting finallyWell finally, on Wednesday, April 29th, Kathleen Wynne met with the OPP’s detectives who are investigating bribery allegations, that stemmed from the Sudbury by-election.

It’s quite interesting that Ms. Wynne has been given over 2 months to meet with them.

Do you suppose that we’d be given that latitude if they wanted to question us?

I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

I suppose she could have refused to meet with them, after all, she’s not under arrest.  But I suppose that would look bad in the public eye.

Progressive Conservative House leader Steve Clark was troubled by the fact that Wynne has been able to “delay giving her testimony” to detectives.

“No ordinary citizen would be allowed to avoid questioning by the police as long as the premier has,” said Clark.

That said, I have to take issue with something Ms Wynne was quoted as saying from the CTV website:

Wynne promised to co-operate fully with the police probe.

“If there’s a question that’s being asked and I have to answer it, then I will sit with the person who’s asking the question and answer the question,” she told reporters.

Read what she said carefully because it not as transparent as it appears – and I HAVE to answer it.   On the surface that looks good but this answer is very Clintonesque.  What she effectively said was: only if she’s under legal obligation to answer whatever question that is being asked.

Unless she’s arrested, she can walk in, sit there and shrug her shoulders a couple of times, wave her so called safe hands around a few times and then declare the questioning over, because she doesn’t have to answer anything.

From CBC’s own website – discussing what to do when police want to talk to you –

  1. What are my rights when the police start asking me questions?   A.  If you are not under arrest, you have one right more important than any other — to say that the questioning is over and that you are leaving the police station. You will not be informed of that right but it is always available and only a desire not to displease or alienate the police prevents many interviewees from exercising it.

It’s pretty apparent that this “meeting” is just window dressing, as no lawyer (and I’m sure she’s got one or two going along with her to meet with the detectives), would ever let her answer questions without being carefully coached on her rights and what she has to answer, and what she does not have to answer.

So what she said about what I HAVE to answer is duplicitous, quite so, indeed.


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