The Ontario Liberals – Masters of Disasters

[ 0 ] April 25, 2015 |

outrageous debt in ontarioAsk yourself a question – what could you do, if you suddenly had 11.4 billion bucks?

That 11.4 billion dollars, is what we must pay to service the interest this year, for the 300 BILLION dollar debt.  We in Ontario owe that much to outside creditors.

And what do we actually get for it?  Nothing.  Nadda.  Not one ounce of gold.  Not one speck of sand.

Just Imagine how many MRIs, or other hospital equipment that would buy.  Imagine how many roads that could pave.  Imagine how many bridges that could fix.  Imagine how many cancer treatments that could pay for.

But alas, we will get none of it.  We will have to give away that money this year, next year, and each year after for many years to come.  Each year, we in Ontario will not get ONE blooming ounce of benefit from any of that money.  It’s out the window, poof, gone.

By the way, that 300 billion isn’t being knocked down each year that we make payments.  The 11.4 billion is solely the payment for the INTEREST on our debt.  None of it goes towards the outstanding principal amount.

Don’t expect many in the main stream media to give you that blaring reality.  They’re too busy foaming at the mouth over the horribly frivolous Mike Duffy trial or how Stephen Harper eats small kittens at midnight, each and every night.  Oh, and he’s probably the reason for that last Chilean volcano eruption too.  Or maybe that’s Mike Duffy’s fault this week, who knows.

So, next year, we again will set fire to another 11.4 billion OR more (in all likelihood more) and again not one rivet on one bridge will be replaced.  Not one broken toe will be fixed, not one Band-Aid will be dispensed at a city hospital, with that money.

Regardless of the lack of services, you will be expected to fork over more in taxes, you will continue to get gouged with rising rates for hydro, and you will be expected to contribute, -cough-cough- heavily to provincial coffers via new big fat tax grabs. Forced Pension Savings and Carbon Tax Ponzi schemes will extract unnecessary money from your pocket.  Unnecessary because the debt incurred over the last 12 years was completely preventable.

The last 12 years have been a complete financial catastrophe.  There should be politicians of the Liberal persuasion in jail for what they have done to this once great province.

Happy Weekend.


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