Taxes And Electricity Costs Are Crippling Ontarians.

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taxes are killing ontarioRandel Denley’s column in the Ottawa Citizen makes a good argument for a flat tax.

Within that article, there is something I don’t think most Ontarians know.  I certainly didn’t.

In Alberta, people pay no provincial taxes on their first $18,214 of income. In Ontario, only $9,863 is sheltered from tax. Considering that the personal exemption is supposed to cover the costs of basic living, Ontario’s amount is far too low.

Am I the only one who is shocked by this?

So as the Ontario government chugs along, extracting every spare dollar it can from its citizens via tax policy, it also managed to create the highest energy rates in Canada to get even more of your money. (And don’t let Kilo-What Bob try to snow you with his carnie barking liberal math – they ARE the highest rates in Canada.)

Now add to it this, the broaching 300 billion dollar debt.  Half of which has pretty much been accumulated during the last 11 or so years of Liberal incompetence.

I need to ask, and yes, it is somewhat rhetorical in nature… Just what the hell are the Liberals DOING with all our money and where is it all going?

At every turn they are ripping more money from our pockets.  It never seems to be enough. They are planning a whole new set of “revenue tools” to rip even more of your hard earned money away from you. Pension Plan Tax -Slurp. Carbon Tax – Slurp.  Higher Hydro rates and fees – slurp, slurp, slurp.

If this keeps up, you will soon find that your paycheques will no longer be in your name and instead will say: Pay to the order of the Provincial Government Of Ontario.

Are you mad yet?


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