Strikes Hold Students And Parents Hostage

[ 0 ] April 21, 2015 |

teachers strikes never in summerI did a quick search and found that in recent history, there has not been a teacher’s strike called in Ontario, that would impact “summer vacation”.  There might be one, but I certainly could not find instance of it.

It’s interesting is it not? Care to wonder aloud with me, why that might be?

It seems that unions have their times well clocked.  Strikes and labour stoppages are arranged in order to create maximum disruption.

This time, it’s for high school graduating seniors, who are already looking ahead to their college and university entrances.  This strike has the potential to impact them in the most negative way.

And if that isn’t enough, for extra “entertainment” – the next few weeks might also include a strike for the Public Elementary Teachers.  If they go out, this will leave tens of thousands of parents, potentially without a supervision for their children.

Do any of the big brains of government or the unions care that people will have real hardships if or when the elementary teachers decide to strike?

And yes, while parents of teenagers may cringe and even shutter at the notion of their “teen-somethings” unsupervised, they are at an age where parents can still go to work and not have to worry about finding full time daycare.

Parents of elementary school aged kids do not have that luxury.

This will cause people to have to take time off work – for many – unpaid.

It really is quite unjust that many of Ontario’s private workers will lose real money or even potentially their jobs, because of a strike like this.  The extra kicker is to then have our taxes ultimately go to pay higher wages and yet more groovy perks for the very same teachers who had a hand in their personal hardships.

Too bad we don’t have a politician who would take on the unions and stand up for taxpayers.  Surely I jest right? I know, I know, he got his ass handed to him on a silver platter and we got stuck with Kathleen Wynne as an extra bonus.

Oh, and in case I didn’t make your day, there is a 5% proposed hike in Ontario Hydro rates coming on May 1st.  Dandy.  Just dandy.


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