Sex Ed Curriculum – We Will Not Surrender Our Children!

[ 0 ] April 26, 2015 |

awkward memeSo a small group of kids, and I do say KIDS, show up at Queens Park to say they support the Sex Ed Curriculum.

Considering the amount of life experience these kids have, the fact that this made news at all, is rather sad.  I get that CP24 is a smaller news agency, but geeze, who in Wynne’s office asked you to cover this sorry parade?

After being on this planet some 50 years, I have a bit of a news flash for the younger generation.  It comes from experience that precedes you.  You of the younger generation, do not have enough experience to address this topic intelligently.  You, the younger generation are easily influenced and easily used by those who have an agenda that you do not yet, understand.

Did anyone from CP24 bother to ask these kids at what age children should be taught about anal sex?  In their infinite wisdom, do they even know what the experts actually suggest?  Do they know the differing opinions from various experts?

And how many children are these kids raising?  How many children are these kids responsible for?  Do they have the capacity to be responsible for the mental and physical well-being of children?  How many have any idea about the maturity rate of children?  How they differ between male and female?  How many of these kids bothered to investigation anything more on the subject?

Sadly they didn’t bother to Google Psychology Today or other such online information sources. If they had, they would see how foolish they actually looked and sounded.

This curriculum covers far more than the perils of “sexting” and the anti-bullying message.

I think for many, our patience has all but run out with regards to how they’re trying to ghost their true agenda and connotations within this idiotic curriculum.   For the Liberals or any other sub group to think using a bunch of uninformed kids in this manner is acceptable, is despicable.

It does show however the depravity and the depths to which they would stoop in order to push their perverted agenda.

The next planned rally to scrap the curriculum is for June 5th in various locations across Ontario. Lend a hand and your voice to these concerned and informed citizens and parents.  The well-being of our children for generations to come, depend on it.


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