Selling Ontario Hydro and Main Stream Media Bias.

[ 0 ] April 28, 2015 |

see nothing, hear nothingHey, Main Stream Media, do you even know there is something called the Electricity Act? Do you have a clue what it actually says? Do any of you know how to use Google?

Does anyone find it interesting that the “MSM” has not called out the hypocrisy of the Liberals? Their clear bias for the Liberals is quite disheartening, at times.

Have they not noticed that the Liberals conveniently hold steadfast to one legislative Act, namely the Green Energy Act, regardless how disastrous it has been for this province?  But, and it’s a big BUT!, the Liberal willfully plan to cast aside another legislative Act, because it’s in inconvenient.  It also stands in the way of them getting their grubby hands on the money from the sale of any Hydro assets.

I guess where the Ontario Government is concerned, certain legislative Acts are written in stone, and others are allowed to be cast aside when they don’t suit the narrative.

If this was a PC government, or an NDP government for that matter, the press would be going apoplectic.  Because it’s the Liberals, crickets.  Big silent crickets.


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