Ontario In The Dark

[ 0 ] April 29, 2015 |

ontario in the darkWell, well, a recent poll suggests that if Wynne and her Liberals sell off Hydro one, 50% of Ontarians would not vote for her in the next election.

Is that significant?  In a word yes.

All politicians live and die by polls.  Wynne’s Ontario honeymoon period is clearly sliding down the rabbit hole.

I think those poll numbers may slide against Wynne’s Liberals even more, if it becomes commonly known that they paid 7 million dollars in consulting fees for the advice to sell off Hydro One and other assets.

The kicker here – some of those consultants have close Liberal ties.  Surprise, surprise.  Well, no, not really a surprise – rather one should say – it’s outright nauseating how much cronyism goes on with this bunch.

New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath said the consulting firms include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where former premier Dalton McGuinty now works, and communications firm Feschuk-Reid, of which former prime minister Paul Martin advisor Scott Reid is a principal.

The NDP are pressing to have the Liberals make these consulting reports made public, however, the Liberals claim that they are advice to cabinet, thus making them private and priveledged.  So much for Wynne doing things differently, so much for her so called safe hands and -cough, cough- transparent government.

The Liberals want Ontarians to “just trust them”.

Ah.  No.  Thanks.  We’ve had about all we can take of being held in the dark by our Liberal friends.

Let’s see the report and we’ll decide for ourselves. After all, it’s OUR asset and we pay the freight for all these consultants.


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