Ontario and Health Care Rationing

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rationed ontario health careI know it’s hard to feel sorry for a professional who potentially can make a lot of money.

As such, doctors are an easy target for the Ontario Liberals.  Because doctors are perceived to be highly paid individuals, they make for an easy target for austerity measures and cuts, with little outcry from the public.

Sadly though, it is cuts such as this, that should have the public concerned.

You know when a newspaper that leans as far left as the Toronto Star allows an editorial that rings alarm bells against the decisions of the Liberal Government, something bad is happening in our province.

People, your health car, is being rationed.  The health care that you paid for during your entire working life, is being held back from you.   You are not being provided with your Canadian protected right, to timely health care.

What the public does not readily know is that this Liberal Government has mandated that doctors “cut back” on services.   Doctors who have patients with “need” is not the prerequisite for getting treatment.  Matter of fact, many patients have had to wait for treatment for no other reason than the Government is trying to save money on the backs of cancer patients, kids with rare illnesses, and grandma’s hip or knee surgery.

Hysterectomy waits can be upwards to a year because surgeons are capped on how many hours are allowed in the Operating Theater. Elderly people in need of a knee replacement will often wait over 2 years for surgery for the same reason.

As more doctors find it impossible to do medicine in this province and ultimately leave, the caliber of doctor and their skills, leave with them.

The bulk of care is already being shoved down to the nurses, however, they too are being cut back with job losses.  The front line workers who take care of you during your hospital stay are also being rationed. As that continues, best of their field, will also leave for better working conditions.

What will be left are over worked nurses where preventable mistakes will happen.  What will be left, will be less available qualified doctors and specialists.   We of course, will continue to keep paying our Liberal Health Care Tax, but our quality of care will continue to erode.

Our brightest and best doctors and nurses will not continue to practice medicine in Ontario.

I can’t say I blame them.


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