More Taxes Are Coming – Again!

[ 0 ] April 11, 2015 |

taxes more and more taxesFor many years, we’ve heard liberals say: well I don’t mind paying higher taxes if it meant we received good services. Or they would say: I don’t mind paying more in taxes if we have the best health care system in the world.

Their rational was always the same, we don’t mind paying more, because we get the best from it, as a result.

Liberals have always held the reasoning that paying a little more in taxes is ok, because it would mean everyone would have access to better services.

Notice they don’t quite frame it like that anymore?

Presently in Ontario, nurses are being laid off, we’re losing doctors to the US, and waits for healthcare and surgeries, are on the rise.  Services to the elderly and the infirm are being sliced and diced. Services in all other areas as well, are being rationed and cut, and yet through it all, we are still expected to pay more in taxes.

Isn’t it interesting that paying all those taxes and allowing the uncapped raising of taxes has resulted in the exact opposite to what liberals have claimed all these years?

We didn’t get better health care.  We didn’t get better services.  We didn’t get better social services.  We got bureaucracies instead. Big, bulky, over-indulgent bureaucracies and zealot activist politicians who will spend our money on the most asinine things imaginable.  No longer are those taxes that we have contributed for “great services”, being spent on those services.  As a matter of fact, those services often find themselves on the very first line of cuts.  Cuts to core services means politicians can spend that money on more stupid stuff.

Perhaps it’s Spring Fever, or maybe I’m just grumpy and need a few sunny days. I just think that we are being sickeningly pillaged by our elected elite.  We deserve better and we are not getting it.  Instead, we have people in power who think it’s their job to get elected in order to spend endless streams of money on their activist ideals at the expense of all other things. Core services are not even on their radar.

A late breaking news story on CBC on Friday, claims that Wynne is set to sign a Cap and Trade Tax GRAB with Quebec.  This will put money in the government hands yet again to piss away on their little pet projects and do absolutely nothing for Carbon Emission control, let alone any real improvement to core services.

So, more tax increases are coming.  LOTS more taxes. The sad truth is, not one penny of that added money will go to starting to adequately reinvest in core services or build a road or adequately fund hospital staff or provide adequate care for special needs kids.

We deserve better, we really do.  I however have no idea, short of a revolt, on how to force the political elite to start working for us, instead of themselves.  As it is now, they hold all the power to get all the money through unrestricted tax increases and the rest of us are stuck paying for their incompetence and self-serving spending sprees to benefit their political friends.

Are you angry yet?


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