It’s Budget Day, Ontario Style.

[ 0 ] April 23, 2015 |

Liberal taxes, more more moreSo Wynne and her incompetent, over spending Liberals, predictably complained about the Federal budget.  They didn’t get a big enough piece of the Canadian financial pie and they now get to hand down their own budget for the province.

While the Feds managed to not send OR SPEND our finances down the toilet, let’s see just how badly Wynne and her gang put us further into debt.

You can expect more taxes.  You can anticipate on having them shove their grubby paws further into our wallets, our pockets and our savings. You can also bank on the fact that any money they manage to get, they will spend most of it, unwisely.

Oh sure, some cities might get a pretty train or a road or two, but when it comes right down to it, the money we must fork over each and every year just to service the debt, continues to rise.  Each year, that’s money that does not go to roads, nurses, elderly care or infrastructure.

The money we outlay for debt is third in line behind our yearly disbursement for health and education.  They don’t plan on using their increased tax raises on the debt however.  That would be the adult and responsible thing to do.

Their plan, instead of curbing their own spending and trying to wrestle the striking debt, is to spend MORE of our money.  We, the taxpayers are viewed as an endless money pit with no need to ever tell them we can’t afford more.  As long as they can think of things to spend our money on, they think our money is theirs for the taking.

To add insult to injury, this budget will tell us that they plan on selling a bunch of stuff that we, the citizens of Ontario OWN.  We will still owe a pile of money towards the debt, once they “re-purpose our assets”.  (Where do they get these ridiculous buzz words?) We won’t own the asset outright anymore, AND still owe the debt, but hey, what’s a few billion more bucks, right?

I’d like to suggest that Wynne, Sousa and Chiarelli take the bucks from sale of Hydro One and instead of spending it on ideological liberal luxuries, they instead put it all down on Ontario Lottery tickets.  They’d in all likelihood, get a better and more profitable return.

And so would we.


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