Call It What It Is, Kathleen. A Tax Grab.

[ 0 ] April 14, 2015 |

the slow painful demise of OntarioListening to Wynne’s nauseating press conference for her Cap and Tax Grab announcement, was a test of my gag reflex.

How on earth did the world survive prior to Ms Wynne’s infinite wisdom?

My word, she has so much wisdom, it’s surprising that Canada became a country without her steering safe hands.  Everybody who doesn’t think like she does, is wrong, wrong, wrong and she knows better than anyone else.  Well I’ll be.  Damn, it’s good to be her.

I’m going to take a little detour for a second and wonder, has the Ontario Government fixed SAMS yet?  No?  They haven’t?  What about the Pan Am Games?  Have they managed to be good fiscal managers and stay on budget?  No? What about MaRs?  Good administrators?  No?  Not such a good track record there either?

Since these birds have shown, time and time again how easily they can screw up a 2 car parade, how on earth can ANYONE think these people are going to insure this Emission Trade system isn’t going to be a massive screw up?

Just within the last 6 months, they have been trying to fix the software problems that plague the Social Assistance payment system. They knew about these problem and were TOLD NOT to roll out, but did anyway. Was it arrogance, stupidity or ineptitude?  I’ll let you decide.

One thing is clear though, considering how inept these birds have proven to be, over and over again – one has to wonder, how on earth are these same marauders are going to insure that this whole Cap and Trade system won’t be rot with fraud, trade cheating, mismanagement, corruption and underworld involvement?

Other jurisdictions have turned their back on this system because of the inability to prevent the underworld shenanigans, but since Wynne thinks she’s smarter than the average bear, she believes that HER system won’t be susceptible to fraud and other problems.

What is this woman smoking?


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