A Carbon Tax Prevents Tornadoes? Really?

April 27, 2015 |

cure for tornadoes?Just when you think the Liberals can’t be any more daft, Liberal Environment Minister Glen Murray quipped back at another MPP that her constituency couldn’t “afford” another devastating tornado. The implication being, that unless we pack away lots of money in carbon taxes, for the Liberals to spend as they want, there will be more devastating tornados.

Talk about complete balderdash. Has anyone checked the various tornado statistics for the 1980 and 1990s for Ontario? What caused those then, Mr Murray? Cow farts?

Besides the arrogance that his comment took, it shows just how clearly out to lunch these ideologues actually are.

Devastating events happen, it’s called weather. They have been happening since the planet has been in existence. Incidentally, we are finding out that these same type of weather events happen on other planets. I’m almost afraid to hear what Murray would say caused those.

Anyway, The Sun piece spells out clearly the corruption that the Cap and Trade scheme incurred in Europe. The fact that this thing has the potential to be rife with fraud should be our main focus for now. We know that the Liberals are not good stewards of our money. I can’t believe that overseeing this Cap and Trade tax grab will be any different.

If Murray wants to know what can go wrong with cap-and-trade, he should read up on the history of Europe’s decade-old Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). That shouldn’t be hard since the Liberals consulted with the architects of the ETS in devising their own cap-and-trade scheme.

I have to wonder, are the Liberals purposely trying to tank this province into the toilet? One really has to wonder.


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