Hydro, Something Has To Be Done!

[ 0 ] March 10, 2015 |

hydro prices are hurting everyonePeople in Ontario are getting their latest hydro bill.  The big February freeze is now becoming March madness. The complaints of pure disgust, are now turning to complete desperation. How on earth can anyone be expected to pay over 600 dollars per month for hydro?! People are reporting that they live in a 2 bedroom apartment and are paying over $400 per month.  The prices just keep going up with no end in sight. That is senseless.

Other people are being threatened with being “cut off”.  Some of the people who are showing their bills, are so astronomically high, that the only explanation is that their bill is 100% incorrect.

The smart meters claim to be able to send data back to the utility company with remarkable accuracy and it was supposed to save Ontarians money.  We know what Bonnie Lysyk’s report has said, and she has all but told us that we’ve been hosed.

If you do a few Google searches, you’ll find that we in Ontario are not the only ones who are having trouble with these meters.   Does anyone know just how accurate they really are, or shall I say INACCURATE they actually are?

How do people know if their data is not being combined or that the meters are not sending and reporting that data more than once?  We basically get a bill from Hydro and we’re just supposed to accept that what they are charging us for, is accurate.

I urge everyone to follow and support the various Facebook groups and also complain to the Ombudsman in charge of this trying to decipher this Hydro mess.  The extra fees, the delivery charges, the taxes, the seemingly endless allowance for Hydro to tack on fee, upon fee, upon fee.  It has to stop!

The culture of the Liberal government, the culture of the higher ups at Ontario Hydro, they don’t seem to care.  Wynne and her gang want to throw endless streams of our money on Green Energy initiatives. As such Hydro knows it basically has carte blanche to charge us as much as they can.

What we are ultimately being charged is wrong, and I suspect that something is drastically wrong with the meters.

The longer this keeps going, the more often we are going to see many hard working Ontarians who will no longer be able to afford their most basic utilities.


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