How Secure Is Your Medical Information?

[ 0 ] March 8, 2015 |

plunge the liberals out of queens parkAnother day, another Liberal Government insufficiency.  Does it ever seem to end? Again one that won’t get mega press, nor is it a sexy issue, but it is one that needs our attention.

During the first years of Daddy Dalton’s reign of terror on the Ontario people, a “new” Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), came into force.  While the Act in principle was a good idea, the oversight surrounding it, has been less than stellar.

Since its inception, doctors, support staff and other unauthorized people have continued to snoop into other people’s health care records with impunity. Former Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian has been sounding the alarm about the lack of bite and the unwillingness of the Ontario Government to lay charges in cases of clear types of breach.

Cavoukian said that during her 17 years as commissioner the government failed to act on a number of serious health-related privacy breaches that should have resulted in prosecution.

The problem it seems, is that nobody has snooped and then leaked the information of someone important – like say – someone connected to the Liberal party.

It’s ok though to rifle through Rob Ford’s file because he doesn’t fly under the correct political stripe, apparently.  Which by the way has happened in the recent past, on more than one occasion.

What this seems to suggest is that our files are there for the picking, perhaps even for the right price.

I don’t know about you but it seems to me, that this lack of true penalty for privacy breaches, leaves it available for someone to hire themselves out to be an insurance snoop, or a snoop for a lawyer in a custody battle, or perhaps, someone trying to find a way to fire a career competitor, to get an upper hand at landing a plum job.

How long will it be, before someone sees fit to try to sell information about some celebrity who has the misfortune of visiting one of Ontario’s hospitals, in an emergency?

Or maybe a political foe?  Is that what it will take before this haphazard government finally does something right and pays attention?

I don’t think I’m too far off the mark here to suggest that the lack of oversight and real teeth to the Personal Health Information Protection Act as it sits in its present form, is just asking to be abused for a price. (That is, if it hasn’t happened repeatedly, already).

It begs the question, does it not?  Just how private is each person’s information, and just how far would someone be willing to go, or what would they be willing to do, to aid an enemy gather information against you?

Overlapping investigations have not been the only hurdle to getting charges laid under PHIPA. Privacy commissioner Brian Beamish has previously told the Star that confusion over the roles of the attorney general, the Health Ministry and the privacy office have also hamstrung potential prosecutions.

Hopefully, now with worthy candidates in line to head the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (and will shortly pick one person to lead the party), they will begin to hammer on these issues and the many other inadequacies that plague this hopeless government.

It’s an inch by inch process that has to start now.  Keep hammering away, day after day, month after month, until we can finally get rid of this gang of incompetents.

It’s not like we don’t have enough reasons already, but here is just one more in a long line of reasons why we need to begin plunging these inept Liberals from power, once and for all.


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