Falling Down the Ontario Rabbit Hole

[ 0 ] March 23, 2015 |

hydro wants all your moneyDo you ever wonder if you’ve fallen down the “rabbit hole”?

Post after post and story after story, the denominator is the same.  The bills that people are getting from their Hydro utility, are completely out of control.

The prices we are paying for hydro, plus the added costs – delivery, HST, debt reduction – make Ontario the unfortunate winners of the highest electricity prices in North America.

Our Green Energy experiment has quite literally begun to put many Ontarians into the poor house.  A carbon tax will put them into bankruptcy.

There are however, some people who are laughing all the way to the bank.

Those – with plum wind farm and solar farm contracts.  The renewable energy scam is, (for those with the right names on their “contact list”), a lucrative money maker.  A virtual jackpot and lottery win which you and I as tax payers, and as hydro rate payers, are paying the freight.

Then there’s the assurance last week from Hydro One.  They claim that they don’t shut off someone’s power and that their letters are meant to be a tactic.  That’s basically what the told the Ombudsman.  Problem is, what they told him isn’t quite, how shall we say this, accurate.

They turn people’s power off and put a limiter on their service.  And yes, people have been completely turned off as well.  That however isn’t what the Ombudsman was told.

Are there penalties for padding the truth, or not so true, kinda-sorta truth?

And then there’s a Carbon Tax looming.

Yep. We’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.


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