Cuts To Health Care – Wynne’s Ontario.

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wynnes messed up ontarioYou knew it had to happen.  The chickens have come to roost.

Tim Hudak, for all his other faults, bothered to tell the truth and express what many in the province already knew.  We are spending more money than we are taking in.  He told us how he aimed to fix part of that problem.

I knew as soon as he talked about cutting jobs, the PCs were doomed.  He told the truth.  The media took it, twisted it, and ran with the message of every union worker losing their jobs.  The sky was falling.

It was nonsense, but Hudak handed the Liberals the gift of winning the election.

Now the “inconvenient” truth.

Wynne is faced with the same problem.  We’re spending more money than we are taking in.

How does she plan to remedy this?  Before the election, she told Ontario (and the union members) that Ontario would be in her safe hands.  Now, those hands are cutting front line workers and nurses in hospitals, around the province.

She and her government also cut the fees paid to doctors.  You will note though, that she didn’t cut her pay or the pay of MPPs.

More services were delisted from the health care system in 2015.  Home care for the elderly, the infirm and the dying have been cut back so drastically, that many family members have had to take leave of absences from their jobs, or outright quit their jobs in order to take care of sick or dying family members.

The Union that represents High School Teachers, are also talking strike.  So much for Wynne’s safe hands.

Now, Parker Gallant posted this week, that we have already pissed away 300 million dollars in electricity and Green Energy payment scams.  That’s right, we handed over $300 million worth of our badly needed cash and energy to Quebec, Michigan, New York State and Green Energy friends with non-operative solar panels and windmills.

Might that 300 million be better spent at home?  Our hospitals and health care system sure could have used a cash infusion of 300 million, don’t you think?

If we’re giving this energy away anyway – or even paying other jurisdictions to take it – why not creative incentives for hospitals and doctors to utilize their operating theatres at night? (Which is when we usually have to give the energy away).  What about incentives in the form of reductions of rates for “after hour” business.  We’re losing this energy anyway, along with a pile of money that we, in this province, need.

There are so many viable ideas on how we could stop hemorrhaging money, utilize our resources and tax dollars more effectively, and yet Wynne and company don’t seem to have any clue how to actually be frugal with taxpayer money.

These ideology driven Liberal socialists certainly know how to spend our money.  Too bad none of them have a clue how to try and spend it wisely.


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