Coldest February in 115 Years.

[ 0 ] March 1, 2015 |

climate change scamSo February 2015 in most of Ontario, will go down in the books as the coldest it’s been in 115 years.

Anyone afraid to open their next Hydro bill?  I know I am.

Of course, the Ontario budget is due in March, and we’ll see stupid taxes in the name of carbon reduction.  We’ll be fed a big bowl of BS that this is necessary to be progressive and green. It’s just a big bait and switch to stuff a whole much more of OUR green into their pockets.

One has to wonder if the liberals and the progressives of the western world would greet this whole green scam with such vigor, if major producers of windmills and solar panels was someone like – the Koch Brothers, Monsanto or the Catholic Church.  I think we all know the answer to that.

Wind power production on Saturday peaked out at a phenomenal 4% for a few hours, then pretty much hovered at 2.5% the rest of the day.  How much have these bird blender farms cost us again?

Oh well, we got a break on the cost of gasoline for a few months.  Didn’t cost us so much to put gas in our cars and into the tanks of our snow blowers.  Didn’t last long however.  The prices jumped 5 go 7 cents a litre in recent days.  Even though the barrel cost went down.

Now that February is in the books, I for one am glad to see it go.  What our little friends at Queen’s Park have in store for us in March, is pretty much anyone’s guess.

Anyone want to make a few predictions?


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