Wynne’s Ruffled Feathers

[ 0 ] February 25, 2015 |

playing the gay cardWe knew it was only a matter of time before Ms Wynne would play “that card” in order to vilify someone.

Ms Wynne has happily ridden on the coat tails that she is openly gay when it suits her, but then has the audacity to claim homophobia when there is criticism directed at her.

Talk about being a complete and total hypocrite.

Sadly, I’m not the least bit surprised this came from Ms Wynne who is shameless in her arrogance and her zealotry.  It wasn’t a matter of “if” she would use it, but when.

The debate in the Legislature on Tuesday got heated and she had the nerve to point fingers at MPP Monty McNaughton and all but call him a homophobe.  She left the actual accusation coming from Liz Sandals.

You can’t have it both ways Kathleen.  You can’t roll out your sexuality when it suits you and then pretend to magically read people’s mind and intent when you don’t like what is being lobbed at you.

Here is what Mr McNaughton said:

“It’s not the premier of Ontario’s job — especially Kathleen Wynne — to tell parents what is age-appropriate for their children.”

How is that homophobic?  Let us not forget that she is also the Premier and leader of a party that is caught up in scandal.  “Especially Kathleen Wynne” means precisely that, we’ve certainly used it in this blog and others.

And let’s get real.  Kathleen Wynne is gay and I will NOT step away from calling it as I see it.  IF her sexuality is overtly influencing her decisions, they deserve scrutiny.  A spade deserves to be called a spade. The curriculum does deal with homosexuality in a broader sense than it has before.  Does Ms Wynne’s quest to help acceptance for all children who are gay, perhaps cause this curriculum to lean towards a too gay centric tone?

I would ask the same question of someone creating a curriculum if that person happened to be a well-known activist Christian or atheist for that matter, so why should Ms Wynne’s sexuality be “off the table”?

You can’t have it both ways Kathleen.  Either you bring your sexuality to the table and let the accolades align along with the criticism and potential scrutiny, or you keep it all off the table.

When Kathleen starts playing the “gay card” or the “cuz I’m a woman card”, Ontarians aren’t going to take kindly to the double speak.  Trust me.  It’s a very quick way to alienate even those who would be inclined to support you.  People don’t like whiners pretending to be defenseless daisies.

At the very least, Kathleen Wynne also gave us a taste of what will happen when anyone who is not a woman and/or is not gay gets under her skin.  She will potentially bring out the old and tired patriarchal, misogynistic and/or homophobic accusations.

Be forewarned, but don’t be intimidated.  Hammer away at the scandals.

A seasoned politician wouldn’t hit this “phobic” button as quickly as she did, unless she was feeling the heat.


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