Wynne and Her Canadian Economic Union

[ 0 ] February 15, 2015 |

liberal boondogglesI recently re-read Marilyn Taylor’s list of Ontario Liberal Boondoggles.  Honestly, I really did not remember the list being as long as it is.  Wynne and her government’s ineptitude is staggering.

That’s why I also find it particularly rich that this week, Ms Wynne took to the ComRag Star to moan about how there should be some kind of “Canadian Economic Union”.  Code words for Ms Wynne wants her paws on more Canadian taxpayer money.

Ms Wynne thinks it’s her place to tell the rest of Canada what it needs.  Ah, excuse me Ms Wynne, your ego may not let you understand this, however you are NOT the Prime Minister of this country.  You are a Premier with a government that has an absolutely dismal record of incompetence and bungling stupidity.

One of the most frightening suggestions is her “energy strategy”.  Oh yeah Kathleen, now there’s an area where you have a stellar platinum record of proficiency.  Not.

The mere notion that she would be allowed anywhere near a national energy strategy is down-right terrifying.

And then there is her idea on how we should have an infrastructure program.  Yeah, this from a government who wasted more money on incomplete projects, cronyism and boondoggles than any other government in Canadian history.

Ms Wynne’s last sentence is the one that made me laugh the most however, she asked:

Does our generation of leaders have the right stuff to build the next stage of our history?

My answer to her is simple.  No we don’t.  We did, but you and McGuinty spent it.  You spent and wasted away the future of our generation, the next generation and the future generation after that.

Whatever “right stuff” we had is now in the ashes of the cancelled gas plants, overpayments to MaRs, exponential monetary waste on things like the Pan Am Games, Ring of Fire, E-health, Ornge, Hydro, Green Energy and just about anything else your government managed to maul and screw up.

So Ms Wynne, instead of licking your chops at getting your hands on even more undeserving power than you have now, I suggest you focus and you tend to the mess you made in this province.  That last thing the rest of this Canada needs, is for you to wave your magic wand of ineptitude on the rest of it.


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