The Unions Are Not Happy

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unhappy unionsDeb Matthews said this about how they plan for government works to become more efficient: “By focusing on outcomes and rigorous evidence, by enabling transformation, by streamlining access to services and by using technology to drive better value.”

In other words gobblygook politician speak for – cuts are coming.  No big surprise to those of us who bothered to pay attention before the election and called the Liberals and Third Party Union advertisers on their bait and switch pony show.

OPSEU members have already started to picket MPP offices, trying to put pressure on the Liberals to lean in favor of labour demands.

Considering that various labour unions spent well over 8 million bucks in third party spending to get the Liberals elected, one can understand why they are now not happy.

There are jail guards threatening to strike.  There is already home care workers walking the picket lines.

Like good political narcissists, the Liberals used who they needed to, to get elected.   Mission completed.

Now like the rest of Ontario, the unions are facing the same huge hang over and will be soon searching for their house keys.  Face it union folks, you were used and used good.

Considering Hudak’s truthful blunder about laying off 100,000 workers – Deb Matthews when pressed claims there may be layoffs.  She didn’t claim how many, just that they wouldn’t be “harsh”.  Yeah, ok.

Ontario Treasury President Deb Matthews says the provincial government can overhaul its public services without “harsh, across-the-board” cuts, but she has not ruled out layoffs.

I think the most telling and probably the most realistic of the unions is Smokey Thomas…he said it best:

Warren “Smokey” Thomas, president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), said he believes Matthews is planning to move public services into the private sector, leading to the possibility of substantial job losses. “She compared to public services to dusting out her wardrobe in the spring… a rather juvenile reference,” Thomas said.

The Liberals of course will not take any blame for stabbing their union supporters in the back.  They’ll blame it on everyone else.  The rest of Ontario has gotten used to it.  I suggest the unions get used to it too.

Welcome to our world. The Ontario Liberal world.


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