New York, Michigan and Quebec Thanks You

[ 0 ] February 21, 2015 |

screwed ontarioSo while we’re in one of the coldest winter cold snaps that Ontario has seen in a long time, we exported a whole bunch of power to neighboring jurisdictions last month.

I won’t go into yet another rant about the incompetence and absolute idiocy of the Green Energy Act,… suffice to say that what the month of January had in store for the Ontario taxpayer, is something more akin to an April Fools Day joke.

Parker Gallant is on top of this subject and has the smarts needed to figure out how much the Ontario citizens are getting hosed.

Yes, now in February, with temperatures falling into the -30s and beyond and when people are turning their heat down in order to afford their hydro bill – it’s nice to know that the citizens of New York, Quebec, Michigan and probably Manitoba got a nice big gratuity of electricity on our backs.

We exported over $164 million worth of electricity in January.  Problem is we only got paid $58.5 million for it.  Yep, we the Ontario tax payers and rate payers will be picking up the tab for the other $106.5 million. Rather nice of us, don’t you think?

Grandma and Grandpa can hardly afford to stay in their homes because they can’t afford their utility bills anymore, but hey, we have windmills.  Lots and lots of completely useless and expensive windmills.

The nice people with the big bloated windfarm contacts are happy too.  They’re getting paid big bucks for their investment.   We’re such nice people in Ontario.  Suckers, but nice.


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