Nepotism Is Alive In Well In Ontario

[ 0 ] February 14, 2015 |

nepotismHere’s a nice gig if you can get it.  Kinark according to its online brochure is: the largest children’s mental health organization in Ontario.  Kinark Child and Family Services provides professional help to more than 12,000 children, youth and families every year.

Again by its own website, Kinark states it got over 60 million dollars in government funding in 2011.  That’s a huge chunk of change.

Here’s the problem.  This agency is directly linked to Kathleen Wynne.  Her wife, Jane Rounthwaite has been directly involved with this agency on and off since 2004 and has just now landed a 7 year contract to “deal” with “transforming” the agency.  I’m assuming, or at least hoping that means it’s to make it more effective.  Either way, as I said, good gig if you can get it.

The optics here are not good.  Don’t forget that Rounthwaite’s brother also held a key interim place at E-health until he stepped down recently.

Sue Ann Levy from the Sun tells of the more twists and ties between, Wynne,  government funding, money to the agency and Ms Rounthwaite’s connection to the agency.

Nepotism is alive in well in the grand province of Ontario.  Nobody even bothers to hide it anymore.

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