Let’s See the Goods Ms Wynne!

[ 0 ] February 10, 2015 |

sex ed cartoonIt’s hard to believe that the Ontario Liberals are still trying to spin their Sex Ed consultation as somehow being inclusive and a “not in the bag” exercise. They’re already leaking to the press that the comments coming back from the participants are overwhelmingly positive and in favor of the Sex Ed upgraded curriculum.

Well anyone with a brain could have told the press that they were going to say that.  Quite predictable actually.

Seeing as nobody has been told HOW the process of participants was created, who picked them and what was even asked on the questionnaire, it is logical to assume that the feedback was going to be what the Liberals wanted to hear by people they wanted to hear it from.

Of course the side bar issue of “consent” is now in play.  Again under the veil of secrecy, Ms Wynne is touting that consent will be emphasized from the earliest age of this curriculum.

If by consent you plan on teaching 5 and 6 year olds that it’s ok to say no – if someone wants to eat your lunch or say no because someone wants to push another classmate into a mud puddle etc, – then I’m all for it.  Age appropriateness is key.

I fear though, that when you place stranger danger, the concept of bad people touching you in a bad way, and then there are times when it’s ok to say “yes” to sex on other occasions, the whole message is going to become a big jumbled mess.  It is going to leave kids confused and open to predators.

It’s common sense that you don’t teach a child cursive writing before they learn their alphabet.  You don’t teach kids long division before they can count to 10. The same thing should apply with any and all of this curriculum.

We still have not seen it and even with increased pressure for the Liberals to put the brakes on this thing, Ms Wynne and her bunch seem intent on proceeding full steam ahead.

Hopefully, someone in that Liberal gaggle has the brains to say – hey let’s just teach them it’s ok to say no to people taking a big bite out of their sandwich, pinch a classmate or make your little sister cry.    If that’s the tact they plan to take then we should be mindful that our battle is with the sex curriculum itself and not basic life lessons.  Thus we should pick our battles accordingly.

One does not have to mix the aspect of sex into understanding basic facial expressions, body language and kindness.

Until we see the curriculum however, we really have no idea where that line for this government is, or where it gets blurred.

Until the curriculum is released, I am going to call again for the government to either can the curriculum or release it and let true debate over its content prevail.


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