Did You Get Your Home Energy Report From Hydro One?

[ 0 ] February 5, 2015 |

highway robberyThis week we got a nice envelop from Ontario Hydro One.  It told us that they compared our usage to 100 other consumers.  We ranked somewhere in the middle.  Whiptee-do.

There is a lot about this correspondence that bugs me.  Why is this being sent out?  How much is this exercise in stupidity costing?  Besides it being nothing more than busy work – it’s a gross invasion of privacy.

The letter told us the approximate square footage of our home and thus compared it with others in the same size bracket.  Excuse me?  I don’t recall telling Hydro the size of my home.  So, where did they get that info?  MPAC perhaps?  I suspect to.

Someone, or something had to compile the data based on our house size, local etc.  It also broke down the data into best 20 percent of efficient users, all neighbors on average, and then your own usage. So how much did that computer program cost?  How many employees that really don’t need to be doing this “busy work”, need to be there?

Did I mention how this is a gross invasion of privacy?

When the province handed our property assessment work to MPAC, it also handed over a large chunk of our personal data to be sold, or used as MPAC saw fit.

On more levels than I can chronical in one post, this is just plain wrong.   Hopefully some of you, who also receive these lovely guilt love-letters from Hydro, will pass a copy on to your MPP and opposition MPPS.

We are paying insane amounts for hydro.   This type of busy work and needless mailings add to the cost of the whole Hydro One project.  It’s more poorly spent money on our backs.


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