3 Active OPP Investigations

[ 0 ] February 9, 2015 |

3 active OPP investigationsThere is finally a proper investigation involving the lovely Ontario Liberals and the Sudbury bribery scandal.

Never mind that the OPP practically had to be shamed into the investigation – at least there is an investigation.  While I’m not holding my breath that anything substantial, like actual criminal charges, let alone a conviction will ultimately result, the OPP still has to do an actual investigation.  And this time because the evidence was released to the public, the public will be watching.  At least some of the public will be watching.

Again I’m going to point to both the NDP and the Provincial Conservatives and those of us who vote for them.  It is up to us to hound our parties and representatives.  It us up to us to force our parties to go after the Liberals for all it’s worth.

The Liberals are presently under 3 active OPP investigations, so there is plenty for the parties to keep hounding them about.

Investigations or not, this Liberals arrogance is only going to get worse.  That is where our parties must hold them to task and will ultimately find the Liberal’s Achilles heel.  While it’s often hard to tell what will turn the tide of public opinion, it’s a pretty safe bet that something attributed to their arrogance between now and the next election, will give enough ammunition to successfully knock the Liberals off their pedestal.

While I am obviously not a left winger, it behooves both parties to actually redefine what it is that they stand for and give people something to vote for.  The wave of “common sense” will take hold and either the opposition parties will be ready to communicate their vision of it, embrace it and take the reins, or they will hand the Liberals yet another election win in 3 years.

Hard working Ontarians deserve better.


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