Wynne Tax Grabs Will Kill The Economy of Ontario

[ 0 ] January 15, 2015 |

Ontarians can not afford any morePremier Wynne said that she won’t rule out a Carbon Tax for Ontario.  Of course she won’t – mostly because she has no intention of ruling out using any means possible to extract more money from YOUR pocket.

The problem with a Carbon Tax is that its cost is not just on the fuel one consumes to drive their car, but it also trickles down to everything we buy.  Consumer goods have to be trucked to stores.  What little manufacturing we have left in the province, has to truck their goods to either secondary plants or directly to stores.  If is unrealistic to think that already cash strapped businesses will be capable of swallowing an additional bite into their profit margin.   Net result: prices will go up.

It’s also unrealistic to expect businesses to simply allow the forced Pension Plan – which is nothing more than a tax on employers and employees – to also take a bite into their profit margin.  Net result : prices will go up.

Electricity rates will again go up.  If the utility companies don’t gouge you on actual price, they’ll get you on delivery charges and other processing charges.   Again, businesses and all Ontarians have to use some sort of fuel to heat our homes and require electricity to live in that home or run their business.  Prices have no choice but to go up, because the simple act of lighting one’s business will cost more.  Again which will take a bite into someone’s home budget or business profit margin.  Net result: prices will go up.  Families will be able to afford less.

This is the brave new world that Wynne envisions.  A world where she and her government control everything, either by legislation, or by out and out implementation of gouging forms of tax that force the free market out of existence.  The business name may still be on the front door, a family’s home may have their name on the mailbox, but the money brought in through the front door is pretty much handed over to the government in one form or another.

It’s really too bad we can’t just pass on these costs to only those who voted in these imbeciles and incompetents.


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