Wynne Presumes to Tell the Prime Minister How To Do His Job

[ 0 ] January 23, 2015 |

wynne lectures harperThe only sub-category that this story could properly fit into – IS the WTF category!

Wynne Presumes to tell the Prime Minister how to do his job and how to manage the federal budget. This is a skit for This Hour Has 22 Minutes, right?  Nope, afraid not.

Talk about the gall.  This from a MPP and now Premier of the Province that has DOUBLED the debt of Ontario from 140 Billion to over 300 BILLION during her Liberal tenure.

We get that Wynne needs more money and likes to spend it like drunken sailors, but seriously Ms Wynne, time to quit whining already and grow a fiscally responsible brain!

She says she wants the feds to give more,… yeah that’ll be an efficient use of tax money for the rest of country.  She wants us to give it to, what the Frazier Institute calls, one of the most fiscally irresponsible Premiers in the Country.

We also get that team player Katie is vying to help get Justin elected, after all, the only person in politics more fiscally inept than her-grand-self, is Justin Trudeau, so of course she’d want him in at the federal level.  Yeah, let’s let both those two get their hands on the public purse.  Scary thought, isn’t it.

We’d be paying carbon taxes on each exhale, 3 bucks a litre or more for gas, a loaf of bread, if we could actually transport it to market would cost 15 bucks.   We’d pretty much be left to live like those castaways on Gilligan’s Island.  But we’d have windmills.  Lots and lots of windmills.

If you have some extra time, go read some of the Wynne supporter comments in the Sun and the National Post comment sections.  Be prepared to need Zantac.  It’s amazing that some of those people can tie their shoes in the morning, let alone know how to vote.  But they do.  And we’re left paying the bills for their willful senselessness for many more years to come.


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