Pan Am Games Catchy Little Jingle

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pan am gamesAfter hearing that catchy Pan Am Games advert on TV, for something like the 800th time, it finally struck me what it was saying…

“Ready or Not, Here I come, You can’t hide…”

I had one of those “eureka moments” and it all became clear.   It’s Wynne-mill Katie’s theme song.

She wants more of your money, actually she wants more of all Canada’s money.  She’s coming for it, she wants it, and she will do whatever it takes to extract it from your pocket.  You can’t hide…

After all, she has more boondoggles to fund, slush funds to mismanage, failed socialist experiments to retry.

At last count, the rising cost of this Pan Am Games mess is 2.5 billion and rising.  I’m almost afraid to find out how much that little jingle ditty cost us to secure for musical publishing and use rights, plus the extra cost of radio and TV prime time advert slots.

I guess we should be happy that she’s not signed us up for a 30 second SuperBowl ad.   Or has she?  Who knows.  I wouldn’t put it past her.  Hey, what the heck, it’s only money.

The Globe and Mail pegs the cost at 2.5 billion. The Auditor’s report also warned of a mushrooming cost for the games.

Of course this money includes the athlete villages and other structures, however as we have seen in far too many other such villages, their value as after-use housing was way too optimistic.

As was the case in Vancouver, the sale of condos and units didn’t sell as anticipated. They are only now starting to turn around and pull the project out of the financial red.

Given the track record of anything the Liberals touch – pulling a profitable rabbit out of the hat on their villages, is highly unlikely.

Heaven help us!



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