Benjamin Levin To Plead Guilty To Some Charges

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inappropriate sex ed curriculumBenjamin Levin – this is someone whose tentacles are all over the secretive Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum.  Pressure resulted in the Ontario government reversing implementation in 2010, but like a bad penny, this idiotic and disturbing curriculum keeps coming up again.

Incidentally, the charges laid against him all relate to:  child porn.

Yeah, a man who has been accused of possessing, making, distributing child porn, as well as counselling someone to commit a sexual assault was part of the team who were instrumental in the making of the curriculum.  He was also part of the transition team for Kathleen Wynne.

While the list of which charges he plans to plead guilty to, have not been released yet, (and I suspect that he made a sweetheart deal of some kind), the mere fact that he had a hand in this curriculum at all, is reason enough to scrap it and return to the drawing board.

Levin was charged with a number of child exploitation offences, including accessing, possessing, writing and distributing child pornography, counselling someone to commit sexual assault and making an arrangement with a police officer to commit sexual assault. 

How anyone with a conscience would allow this curriculum to be pushed forward is beyond me.

And let’s make this clear, I am not a prude, I fully understand that the kids of today are in some ways more mature than we were at their age.  That means that some information in keeping with the times, is necessary.  What little has been leaked out about what is planning to be taught with this curriculum however, is totally unnecessary and completely inappropriate for the ages they are aimed at.

The defenders of this craziness are suggesting it is to prevent bullying and the topic of sexting.  If they truly meant to deal with the issues of sexting and bullying, all that needs to be said is sending pictures of ANYONE naked is wrong.  Have the discussion about privacy issues and degrees of undress, eg: taking a picture in someone in their underwear and posting it, is also wrong.

Involve children of all ages about the illegality of taking pictures of people to harass them, to bully them, whether clothed or not.   None of it needs to be a discussion on the physical sexual act.
The fact that such a simple discussion is being weaved into this disgraceful sex-ed curriculum deserved to be questioned and scrutinized.   Especially with what has come to light, – that one of the main people involved in the manufacturing of it is going to plead guilty to anything involving child pornography.


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