Estate Trustees Beware

[ 0 ] January 30, 2015 |

wynne to tax the deadEstate trustees beware! Wynne wants that estate cash too.

Ontarians have already paid tax on their held assets.  Lots and lots of tax.  The items already had tax paid on them, at the time of purchase.  The income that was earned was taxed heavily during their working years.  Anything that managed to be saved was after the government took their big chunk for their pockets.

The Liberals aren’t satisfied with that amount however and want the administrators of estates to provide an itemized list of what is being passed from the deceased to living persons.  They are demanding the account numbers of bank accounts, address and particulars of any real estate transferring, and all particulars regarding stocks.  You can bet that they plan on siccing blood sucking bureaucrats on grieving people, telling them to pay up more money to the government.

New Rules for Probating an Ontario Estate

Congratulations Wynne and you other blood sucking Liberals. You’re going to go after widows and widowers and hit them with yet more tax upon already taxed assets.   The Liberals have finally figured out a way to continue to tax people even after they’re dead.



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