Ontario Liberals and Chiarelli are out of touch

[ 0 ] December 23, 2014 |

broke consumersAfter the unprecedented Bob Chiarelli verbal attack against the Auditor General last week, one would think he would have time to reflect and realize that the Auditor General was correct and that much of our hydro and electrical systems are severely broken.

But nope his cranky and crusty finger wagging at we, the ingrates of Ontario, clearly indicates that he knows better than we do, about everything.

Chiarelli sat down with reporter David Reeveley from the Ottawa Citizen.  His press secretary sent a pre-interview package that still states that solar and wind power are becoming economically competitive with coal and natural gas in parts of the United States.  Big deal Bob.  Some of the areas in question get predictable sun almost the full twelve months of the year.  Add to it the lack of snow that those same places get and yes, perhaps there is a case to be made for solar.

You might even make a decent business case if you were talking about solar power in some of the islands in the Caribbean.  Ontario, however does not have that luxury.  Nor does it have compatible weather conducive to solar power ever being a reliable or economic power source.

Let’s not even get into the whole boondoggle that overpays Green Energy producers exorbitant fees to make that energy.  We subsidize that to the tune of almost one billion bucks per month.

The other part that Bob Chiarelli is still trying to sell is the whole smart-meter debacle.  He is still trying to sell that the Auditor General has it wrong and that the smart meters are meeting their targets.  Bzzt.  Wrong Bob, no they are not.  They were sold by Dalton to make people conserve.  That conservation would result in lower prices.  That is what Ontarians were told.  They were also told that the off peak Time of Use rates would result in savings for the consumer.  That simply did not happen.  How could it?  Especially when the off peak price was raised to over double the price?

But Chiarelli is sticking to his guns.  He is right, we’re wrong.   He is right, the Auditor General is wrong.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by his arrogance, nor his lack of touch with those he is supposed to represent.  For the last 11 years, the Ontario Liberals have lied to the electorate over and over.   There has been no political repercussions for their lies and arrogance, so we should not be surprised that we are simply scolded like we are nothing more than children that need to be reprimanded.

Chiarelli’s attitude is indicative of what the Liberals think of us, the electorate.  We should be grateful to them even when they lie to us over and over.  After all, we rewarded them for lying to us with a majority Wynne government.


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