More Lies from Kathleen and the Ontario Liberals.

[ 0 ] December 18, 2014 |

computer boondoggle ontarioLast month the Ontario Liberals rolled out new software that was supposed to be a Cadillac system.  It turned out to be a complete dud.

As we reported last month, all the bozos at Queens Park had to do was a Google search to see that the same software had created a mess in other cities where it was implemented.  To the defence of the government, the thing was sold as an off the shelf ready to roll system.  It is anything but.   The government, ANY government’s job though, is to make sure that they act in the public’s best interest.  This was clearly not done.

They were aware that there were problems because they were warned there problems.  The rolled the system out anyway.

Enter Kathleen Wynne with appropriate sad face, claiming it was a minor glitch.   That too, was “anything but”.

Smokey Thomas the president of OPSEU is seeking a legal injunction to force the government to cease using the software until they fix it and know it works.  To quote the insiders: But both CUPE and OPSEU say the underpayments and overpayment problems are far worse than the government claims.

“To date it is estimated that more than 36,000 Ontario families have been paid incorrect sums due to technical problems with the SAMS software,” Thomas said.

Are we surprised that there is a complete discrepancy between the claims of the Liberal Ontario Government and the actual facts?  Nope.

The next set of payments is due out around the 22nd of the month.  Of course if there are more problems, for many, that will mean being left out in the cold, without money for the Christmas season.   Trying to reach a government office at this time of year is an exercise in patience.  Many take the time off because children are off on school breaks.  Trying to get any “glitches” fixed this time around won’t be quick.

This Government and its incompetence seems to know no bounds.


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