Ontario Liberals and Sousas bait and switch politics.

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It was situation normal at Queen’s Park this afternoon.  Liberals put on a big show with their normal bait and switch political hucksterism.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa has thrown down the gauntlet and warned the underground economy that he’s after them.  Going to save us beleaguered tax payers some 700 million dollars a year.

Well isn’t that rich.

This from a government that pilfered over 1.1 billion dollars to save a few seats in a few hotly contested ridings and this from a government who is also now dropping a fat 1 billion dollars a month into the black hole of nothingness called the Green Energy Act.  Ontario in it’s infinite wisdom thinks it is OK to dump 1 billion dollars a month into the pockets of energy producers to produce power we do not need, that we have to give away at a loss or even pay other grids to take off our hands – but – no worries folks –  being such good stewards of our money, they’re now going to go try and find some magical number of 700 million dollars in the underground economy.

So, one must ask – Does the tax payer see a benefit from that billion dollar expenditure?  Nope.  Each and every month, grids of solar panels and windmill farms produce less than 4% of the power into the grid (when it’s needed at all) and the Liberals think it’s OK to subsidize the outrageous over market prices it pays to them, to the tune of 1 billion bucks a month.

They may as well just toss a billion dollars of 5 dollar bills in a barrel and set it on fire, each… and… every…. month, because that is what the Ontario tax payer is getting for their money.  A big pile of burnt nothing.

So such is Liberal math.  Go after a big ghost boogie man called the underground economy and appear tough by declaring war on those evil smokers who aren’t paying their fair share of the tax bill because they buy a couple of boxes of discounted smokes.

I guess we should expect nothing less than a barrel of smoke and mirrors from this bunch.

A monthly payout of a billion dollars worth of smoke and mirrors at that.



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