More Liberal Lies About the Ottawa River

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Bob Chiarelli –  (1997 – 2000 Regional Chair of Ottawa, Mayor of Ottawa 2000 to Nov 2006, MPP as a LIBERAL for West Ottawa/Nepean 2010 to 2014)

Madeleine Meilleur  (2000-2003 city councillor – MPP for Ottawa Vanier as a LIBERAL – 2003 to 2014)

Yasir Naqvi – (MPP Ottawa Centre as a LIBERAL – 2007 – 2014)

Jim Watson (city councillor 1991-1997, Mayor of Ottawa 1997 – 2000, MPP as a LIBERAL – 2003 – 2010,  Mayor of Ottawa AGAIN 2010 – 2014)

Phil McNeely – (member of council for Cumberland 2000-2003 before amalgamation – MPP for Orleans as a LIBERAL – 2003 to 2014)

The Ontario Liberals are making a lot of noise and hoopla about cleaning up the Ottawa River.  As a matter of fact, they also claim that any vote for the PCs is putting all of Ontario’s water in severe jeopardy.  Their rhetoric is not just smoke and mirrors, its fecal matter and more Liberal spun fecal matter.

The above mentioned local Liberals claim that a vote for the other parties is a vote against cleaning up the Ottawa River and the amount of crap that is dumped into it by the city of Ottawa.

Let’s look at the obvious here.  Ottawa was fined BY the province in 2008 for dumping 400 million litres of crap into the river in 2006.  Anyone remember WHO was in power then?  The mayor at the time?  Who was sitting at Queen’s Park?

The folks lining up to try to guilt you into voting for them, consist largely of the same brain matter that were at Queens Park and municipal Government, when this happened.   Now this same load of buffoons claim that they want to fix this chronic and long lived problem.   Well isn’t that special.  Talk about outrageous insolence.  They, those who propose to save the Ottawa River with their so called plan, have allowed this to fester for years DURING their long term employment as our so called representatives.  NOW though, it’ll be YOUR fault if you don’t vote for them, and the blame is on YOU that the river will be used as a sewer pit.

I cannot state this enough, Chiarelli was the mayor in August 2006.  This happened during his tenure as Mayor.  The city was under his watch when the city dumped almost a BILLION litres of sewage into the river.    Now, 2 city bureaucrats were apparently fired for letting this happen over a 15 day period, but considering that Ms Wynne jetted up to Walkerton to lay blame on the top dog – Mike Harris for a colossal screw up by two drunk incompetents, would it not stand to reason that we can point at finger at Mr Chiarelli and should we perhaps measure the billion litre dump by the same stick?

Another inconvenient truth is that the city of Ottawa has continued to belch sewage into the Ottawa River each and every year since the 2006 deluge.  So it’s not like those in government at both levels did not know there was a problem for a very long time.  Who’s been in power all this time?  Yep, those same Liberals who want to lay the blame on your feet, if you don’t vote for them.

Why is it that it is only now, (some 8 years later) that the ex-mayor, Bob Chiarelli and the other liberals are claiming to have a plan to clean up the mess they have gleefully ignored for so bloody long?    Not just ignored, but knew about as they held their well paid jobs as city councillors and a 2 people actually held positions as Mayor of the city? Why is their so called “action team” only now interested in cleaning the mess that according to previous councillor Alex Cullen, has been an issue for 18 years?    Were they not paying any attention?

This same gang of Liberals have been IN government at various levels, showing up at each other’s photo ops, cocktail parties and party fundraisers for the duration of this problem.  Do these people not talk to one another?   They have been earning salaries to represent the Ottawa area, and it was THEY who ALLOWED this problem to continue for 18 long years.   To claim that not voting for them NOW, would leave the Ottawa River and its health in peril, is beyond repulsive.

One thing is clear, – they have had ample time, holding positions of considerable power to fix this problem.  They have not.  THEY have NOT!   How long must we give someone the chance to do their jobs adequately?  I submit to you that the Liberals and their gang of inept Ottawa representatives have had more than enough time to not only attempt to fix the problem, but have it fixed, entirely


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